Welcome to our blog!

Posted on Jun 15, 2012

Welcome to the Monument Crisis Center’s official blog!

The Monument Crisis Center serves tens of thousands of people directly and indirectly. Every day, more than 100 people walk through our doors, including beneficiaries of our programs, volunteers, donors and staff.
The Center is a community organization in its truest sense; not only was the Monument Crisis Center built by organizations and individuals in our community (read our “About Us” page), but individuals and groups involved with our organization reflect the diversity of Contra Costa County.
The inclusive nature of the Monument Crisis Center (MCC) makes it a unique place in Concord. Current and former executives at Fortune 500 companies serve elderly and disabled senior citizens. High school students provide guidance to groups of adults on how to assemble food boxes. Casualties of the recession and poor economy find volunteer work and are valued for their skills and knowledge.
By creating a blog, we hope to share the stories that take place at MCC on a regular basis, as well as information on events and news.  MCC supporters are encouraged to leave comments and thoughts about posts and pictures!
For more information about the Monument Crisis Center, visit www.monumentcrisiscenter.org.