Monetary support is critical to our mission, it helps us provide 20,000 boxes of food to 4,500 households in Contra Costa County. We thank you in advance for your generosity and appreciate your support of our cause.

“Build the Monument” Campaign

In late 2013, Monument Crisis Center is moving 1-1/4 miles to a larger building at 1990 Market Street, Concord, Ca.  This will provide the much needed space to greatly expand the programs we provide to at-risk and low income families and individuals in Contra Costa County.  

By joining this campaign our community will see their at-risk and low income members move towards greater stability and self-sufficiency.

Our food room, though crowded, currently provides food for all our clients; with increased space, we will be able to store and distribute greater supplies of nutritious food, especially fruits and vegetables, essential to the health and well being of our families.  

Our resource programs for adults are presently limited by space to three occurrences per week.  With expanded room availability, we can expand the fundamental programs.

Our senior program is currently scheduled twice a month and is standing room only.  With increased space we will be able to better accommodate this enthusiastic group.

Our after school tutoring program for the K-5 children of our client families presently has about 50 students attending on afternoon per week during the school year.  We plan to increase this vital program to four afternoons per week.  We also plan to add a similar program for middle-school students.

To make this happen, we need your financial support today.  The planning, architecture, and engineering is underway.  The construction to turn this building in its current state into our new home is scheduled for September, October, November, and December of this year.  

Please become part of this project by by CONTRIBUTING BELOW or pledging today.  Questions can be directed to our Executive Director.

Make an online donation today.  

It’s easy, fast and safe to make an online donation via credit card or via Paypal.

What will your donation to Monument Crisis Center provide? 

  • $25 will buy one week’s worth of groceries for a family of 5.
  • $50 provides textbooks, dictionaries, posters and multimedia learning supplies for our English Language Learners Program.
  • $100 will feed 120 senior citizens breakfast at our Senior Moments Program. 
  • $500 provides 25 sleeping bags to protect the homeless from freezing temperatures.
  • $1,000 will provide transportation to and from educational field trips in our Youth Summer Camp Program.

You can also send a check to:
Monument Crisis Center
P.O. Box 23973
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Monument Crisis Center is a 501C (3) Organization Tax ID # 41-2111171