Senior Moments: Much More Than Food

Posted on Jul 20, 2012

(Senior citizens enjoy a meal and a game of BINGO during Monument Crisis Center's BINGO program.)

Residents of the Bay Area are fortunate to live in a region with beautiful weather, natural resources and cultural diversity. The benefits of living in the Bay Area do not come without a price. The San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland metropolitan area is already one of the most expensive in the country, and on top of that, the cost of living is increasing nationwide. The sting of rising costs is particularly painful for senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Every day at the Monument Crisis Center we come across seniors who are finding that their Social Security checks cannot cover the basic expenses such rent, healthcare, food and transportation.

Senior Moments” is a Monument Crisis Center program that was created to address the unique needs of people 55 and older. At the surface level the program provides more than 100 senior citizens with supplemental groceries and a meal two Fridays a month. But the impact of Senior Moments cannot be measured only by the amount of food distributed or the number of attendees.

The day to day life of many seniors may include feelings of being abandoned, loneliness and isolation. Each Senior Moments session is an opportunity to illustrate to seniors that they are a valued and integral part of our community. Participants enjoy bilingual BINGO, music, dancing, access to health resources and most importantly, socializing with one another. Senior Moments is possible thanks to dedicated volunteers including dedicated individuals who give a helping hand every session and visiting corporate, church, and school groups who take an active interest in the surrounding community.

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