Volunteer Program

Monument Crisis Center began with a group of volunteers who saw a need for a community center and food pantry in the Monument Corridor. Today the reach of Monument Crisis Center has expanded far beyond the Corridor, and the importance of volunteers to success of the organization has grown even greater. Individuals and groups who donate their time and skills allow a handful of staff members to serve more than 10,000 households registered for service. Each program at the Monument Crisis Center is planned by staff members and executed by dedicated volunteers.

Participants in the Volunteer Program range from children in middle school to retired senior citizens in their nineties. In addition to individuals, groups from schools, churches, service clubs, small businesses and corporations volunteer their time as a team. The diverse set of programs and services offered at Monument Crisis Center allows people from diverse backgrounds to become involved in a way that matches their skills and interests.

Volunteering at Monument Crisis Center not only benefits individuals receiving services, but those donating their time as well. Senior citizens and retirees stay active and meet new friends by serving others. Working professionals use volunteer opportunities for team building and to get to know their community. Students find that completing basic tasks and learning new skills at the Center is a great way to prepare for entering the workplace.

The Volunteer Program is one of many programs at the Monument Crisis Center that educates, serves, and brings together the community.

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