Food Distribution

Our food distribution program is the heart of Monument Crisis Center and is an essential part of our mission; providing stability for low income and at-risk individuals and families in Contra Costa County. The Center supplies food to approximately 4,000 different households annually and serves between 80-120 individuals and families per distribution, distributing over 25,000 food boxes per year. These boxes served over 96,000 people in the community and provided one million nutritious meals in the 2014-15 fiscal year. Monument Crisis Center is open five times a week for food distribution and relies on monetary and food donations from the community to sustain its operations. The Center purchases 40,000 pounds of food every month from the Food Bank and receives an average of 10,000 pounds of food donations from private donors. The food boxes include perishable and non-perishable items such as canned fruits and vegetables, canned tuna and chicken, soups, cereal, peanut butter, bread and, when available, fresh produce and milk.  

For information on food donation click here.

Food Distribution Hours

Monday – Thursday 9am-12pm and Tuesday Evenings 5-7pm  

Donation Hours

Monday -Thursday 9am-12pm and 1:30-4pm; Tuesday Evening 5-7:00pm  (perishables Monday morning through Wednesday afternoon)

Documents Required for Food Program Registration

You must have a photo ID with your date of birth on your first visit!   (All documents required by 2nd visit)

• Photo ID for all adults in your household

• Birth certificates for children in your household

• Proof of address (Ex: PG&E, telephone, or water bill)

• Proof of income or assistance (Ex: check stub, letter of assistance)  

Services Provided

• Food (every 30 days)

TEFAP– USDA Commodities (every 30 days) 

PDF Forms to Download

1.) What to bring to our office (English/español)

Forms in English 

2.) Welcome Form 

3.) Release of Information

4.) Emergency Contact 

5.) CDBG Form

6.) Certification of Homelessness

Formularios en español

2.) Forma de Bienvenida

3.) Forma de Liberación

4.) En Caso de Emergencia

5.) Forma de CDBG

6.) Certificado de Personas Sin Hogar

Client or provider may complete all intake forms, client must sign each form.